Chocolate Bunny for Trombone and Fixed Media

Instrumentation: Trombone and Fixed Media

Duration: 5’30”

Purchase – IM Brassworks

Program Note:

Chocolate Bunny is a virtuosic piece for trombone and fixed media. Inspired by Hans Zimmer’s “Time” from the movie Inception, the piece repeats the same harmonic content throughout, adding new textures and ideas in the fixed media part and developing the melody in the trombone part as the piece progresses. This piece is divided into two distinct sections, the first depicting a more traditional style, with classical instruments imitated in the fixed media part and lyrical playing in the trombone. The second section is more unconventional, featuring EDM and dubstep elements in the fixed media, as well as extended techniques, a wider use of range, and an improvisatory section in the trombone part. The piece ends with a brief recapitulation to the very beginning of the piece, with an intentional lack of resolution in the trombone.