Brass Music – Now Published With Murphy Music

I’m happy to share that several of my brass solo and chamber pieces are now published through Murphy Music Press! The pieces include my brass quintets Olympian Suite and Adagio in A-flat Major, as well as both versions of my bass trombone solo Violent Shadows and my new trumpet septet Thermal Whiplash. I’ve been very grateful for all the work Sean Murphy has done publishing my saxophone and band music and am excited to have these works entering his brass catalog!

Trumpet Sonata – Double Bar

Double bar on my Sonata for Trumpet and Piano!! I’m very happy with how this turned out and am incredibly grateful to Sam Gustavson and the other 23 members of the consortium for trusting me to write this piece and providing invaluable insight and advice throughout the process. I’m looking forward to many livestreamed, socially distanced consortium premieres of this piece next year!

New Project for Solo Trombone and Trombone Sextet!

I’m looking forward to collaborating with Jeremy Marks, Professor of Trombone at UNC-Charlotte and fellow WMU grad, on a new piece for solo trombone and trombone sextet!

The structure of the piece is based on Jeremy’s experience struggling with and overcoming Bell’s Palsy, a neurological paralysis to the left side of the face that left him unable to make a sound on the trombone for months during his undergraduate degree. I really appreciate Jeremy’s openness and vulnerability while describing this difficult period in his life and hope to create something cathartic and meaningful to him.

This piece is actually a part of a larger consortium that Jeremy is organizing to commission six new pieces for small university or advanced high school trombone ensemble! To any trombonists or conductors who might be interested, there’s still about a month left to join the consortium. More information available here.

I’m very grateful to be a part of this project!