Contrabass Trombone Solo – Consortium

I’m very excited to announce a consortium for a new piece for contrabass trombone and piano that I’m starting with fellow WMU alum and trombonist extraordinare Vicente Hernandez!

The piece will be centered around topics related to self-doubt, insecurity, and impostor syndrome (feelings I’m sure 99% of artists have experienced), and how these negative thoughts can take a toll on our productivity, mental health, and overall self-worth. Vicente has been very kind to describe his relationship with self-doubt and what steps he’s taken to work through and channel these uncertainties through his career, and I’m similarly interested to hear what advice others have to cope with and overcome these mental adversities.

I think/hope this concept will lead to an empowering and insightful piece for an instrument that rarely gets any solo repertoire. And though the piece is specifically intended for contrabass trombone, I’ll be including optional splits for the most extreme pedals to ensure that the piece is also playable on bass trombone. I’m looking forward to working with everyone on the piece!

Entry Form

Instrumentation: Contrabass Trombone (or Bass Trombone) and Piano
Consortium Fee: $100 ($50 due up front, $50 due upon completion of the piece)
Anticipated Completion: November 30, 2021
Deadline to Join: August 31, 2021
Duration: 6-8 minutes
Difficulty: Graduate Level/Professional
Benefits to Consortium Members:

  • Names of consortium members included on the title page of the score
  • Exclusive performance and recording rights from April 1, 2022-Dec 31, 2022
  • Input on musical material and title of piece
  • Composer will travel to performances, if able

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions about the project!