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  1. Dear Chris Evan Hass,
    My friend and I are students from Fowlerville Junior High School (FJHS) doing a project about why John Williams was chosen to compose “Hedwig’s Theme” from Harry Potter. We are some of the students who performed your brilliant piece, Scorch. We are wondering if you can tell us a bit about some of your composing experience for a school project and if you would be okay with us asking you a few questions. For example, what would you do if you were chosen to compose and score an upcoming film?


      • Hi Chris. I teach low brass at Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana. I have two students who really enjoy Violent Shadows. Both are playing it on recitals over the next year. I second a brass quintet arrangement of this work as it is easier to find a functioning brass quintet than 5 good trombone players.
        I also noticed on YouTube that there is an arrangement for wind ensemble. Goshen College does not have a band program but they do have a fine orchestra. Every year there is “concerto/aria competition” where a student has to audition from memory and, if selected gets to perform with the orchestra the next semester, again from memory. I have one student that would love to do this if possible.
        You have written a great piece of music and I believe that the more flexibility you have in accompaniment will guarantee you more exposure. Keep up the great work!


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