Violent Shadows for Solo Bass Trombone

I’m excited to share the premiere performance of my piece for solo bass trombone and trombone quintet, Violent Shadows, written for my good friend Austin John Muusse! Inspired by progressive rock (specifically Thank You Scientist), this piece showcases the different characters of the bass trombone – from the loud and aggressive side that we all know and love to the more pure and lyrical side.

I just finished writing a version for bass trombone and piano, which is now available for purchase:

Purchase – Bass Trombone Part and Piano Accompaniment

Purchase – Bass Trombone Part and Trombone Quintet Score and Parts

Purchase – Trombone Quintet Score and Parts ONLY (No solo part)

Snowfall for Concert Band (Grade 2)

Thrilled to share my first Grade 2 band piece, Snowfall! Based on the first movement of my saxophone quartet Polar Vortex, this piece evokes the peacefulness and tranquility of a light winter’s snow through simple melodic lines, textural snow flurries, and modal harmony.

This piece is a great way to introduce young players to compound meter (6/8) and non-diatonic harmonies, as well as improve upon lyrical playing, intonation, balance, and blend. It’s also perfect for holiday concerts!

Purchase – Digital

Purchase – Physical