Young Band Pieces

I’m so pleased with how these two young band pieces turned out!! It was so inspiring and exciting knowing that hundreds of students will be working on these pieces and that the pieces can be used as tools to teach and master new concepts. Thank you to all of my band director friends and colleagues who were a part of this consortium project and provided feedback along the way!

Young Band Scores.JPG

Midwest Clinic 2018

I had such an incredible time at Midwest Clinic 2018 This year was especially exciting for me, with readings of my music at both the Orchestra and Band New Music Reading Sessions, as well as the first year of advertising my music at the Millennium Composers Initiative booth in the exhibit hall!

It’s so great to see the enthusiasm and interest in new music in the band and orchestra community. And, as always, it was great to catch up with old friends and meet many new ones! ‘Til next year!

Young Band Consortium Commission

Announcing a consortium for two new young band pieces (a grade one and a grade two)!

Fee: $50 per piece, $75 for both

Duration: 2-3 minutes (grade one), 2.5-4 minutes (grade two)

Deadline to Join: October 31

Deadline to Pay: November 15

Anticipated Completion: December 31

Benefits to Consortium Members:

  • Your name and institution included on title page of scores
  • Exclusive performance rights for one year (all of 2019)
  • Input on musical material and titles of pieces
  • Composer will travel to performances, if able

I’ve been interested in writing for young band for quite some time and recently wrote a grade two arrangement of my sax quartet Snowfall. I have some rudimentary ideas for both of these pieces and am most excited to explore different harmonic options. I believe incorporating scale modes, common-tone chords, and extended harmonies will give the pieces a unique sound without significantly increasing the difficulty level, and will be interesting and engaging for young students. I also have a handful of potential titles that consortium members can vote on, or suggest their own entirely.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! If you’re interested in joining, you can fill out this short Google Form. Payments can be made online through paypal or via check.

Make Payment – One Piece ($50)

Make Payment – Both Pieces ($75)