Scorch for Concert Band (Grade 1.5)

Instrumentation: Concert Band

Duration: 2’15”

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Perusal Score

Perusal Score (Flex Band)

Program Notes:

Scorch is a fiery and exciting work for young band, inspired by the scorching heats of African deserts. The piece depicts this terrain by utilizing the Phrygian and Phrygian Dominant scales that are commonly found in Egyptian music and featuring African and Afro-Cuban percussion instruments, including the cabasa, claves and djembe. The piece contains two rhythmically similar melodic themes that alternate throughout the piece. These melodies are typically found in the higher voices of the ensemble and continuously heat up and build towards an exciting, boisterous ending.

Consortium Members:

Katie Anderson, Mackinaw City Public Schools
Robert Beehler and Michael Ances, Jockey Hollow Middle School
Abigail Beerbower and Ian Cole, Fort Wayne, IN
Trevor W. Clark, Chassell Township Schools
Jared Dalgleish, Norris Middle School
Alexander Floury, Chesaning Middle School
Marc R. Hartman, Eau Claire Junior/Senior High School
Kyrstin Jensen, Royal Oak Middle School
Jasmine Joubran, Jackson Northwest R.W. Kidder Middle School
Michael Klepp, Reed City Middle School
Colin McCune, East Lyme Middle School
Josh Roltsch, Fowlerville Junior High School
Jacob Roorda, Fowler Middle School
Deanna Russell, Standard Middle School
Brad Schmaltz, Oxford Middle School
Sean Spicer, Lake Fenton Middle School
Colby Stackhouse and Lori Haydl, DeKalb Middle School
Erika Stepp, South Vermillion Middle School
Jeremy Stevens, Hillsboro Junior High School
Jason Taurins, Calabasas Middle School