Iridescence for String Orchestra (Grade 2)

Instrumentation: String Orchestra

Duration: 3’00”

Program Notes:

Iridescence was written for the Royal Oak Middle School String Orchestra in memory of Sarah Elizabeth Klaus, a 7th grade viola student who passed away in 2019. Rather than a somber elegy, the piece is a bittersweet celebration of Sarah’s life and happy spirit, taking harmonic inspiration from one of Sarah’s favorite songs, Secrets by OneRepublic. The title Iridescence refers to the shimmering and glowing display of color that shifts depending on the observer’s point of view. Since this phenomenon is commonly seen in soap bubbles, clouds, butterfly wings, and other natural objects often associated with childhood, the title represents Sarah’s bright personality and childlike wonder. The piece portrays these shifting colors by alternating between parallel major and minor keys and constantly changing the accompanimental textures and orchestration around an unwavering melody.