Incendio Trio – Fischoff Silver Medal

What an incredible journey it’s been following the Incendio Trio through their performances at this year’s Fischoff Competition!

I remember getting a message from Bryan Polacek last year, asking me to rearrange the tenor part of Liquid Metal to alto sax because he had a high school group looking to work on it. I think it took me longer to wish them luck and apologize for the piece’s difficulty than to actually transcribe the part! But in no time, Bryan sent me a video of the trio playing the piece. And playing it WELL.

Since then, it’s been so inspiring following Incendio and hearing several of their performances over the course of the year. I’m continuously impressed seeing what this ensemble can accomplish. It’s exciting to see all of their hard work and dedication pay off by receiving the Silver Medal in this year’s Fischoff Competition!!

(Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned this yet, Incendio will be performing at this year’s Midwest Clinic! You won’t want to miss this!)

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