Resurgence for Solo Trombone and Trombone Sextet

First double bar of the new year!

Resurgence is a story about resilience in the face of adversity, inspired by Dr. Jeremy Marks’ experience struggling with and ultimately overcoming Bell’s palsy, a neurological paralysis to the left side of the face that caused him to be unable to make a sound on the trombone for months during his undergraduate degree as a music major. The soloist directly represents Jeremy’s actions and mentality during this trial through three connected movements, entitled ‘Revelation’, ‘Recovery’, and ‘Redemption’, that help describe the timeline of events and narrative arc of this story.

I’m honored that Jeremy wanted to collaborate with me on a project of such importance and meaning to him and am eager to hear his interpretation of the piece later this year!

(Also, it’s taken me literally ten years of writing music in Sibelius to experiment with a title font that’s not just the default one, and I’m way too excited about how clean and sleek this sans-serif font looks!)

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