Restoration for Concert Band – Premiere

Very excited to present the premiere performance of my grade 3.5 band piece, Restoration!

Performed by the Chesaning High School Symphonic Band, this piece was written to represent and celebrate the recent renovations done to the high school the year prior. The work portrays the rebuilding process, starting and ending with a chorale, representing the school’s stability and honor, that transitions into and out of a chaotic and fast-paced middle section, representing the mayhem, uncertainty, and hard work that went into rebuilding the school. The entirety of the chaotic section features one thematic idea that progresses and transforms throughout, with distorted implications of the chorale theme as a reminder of the end goal of all of this chaos. After an unsettling climax, the recapitulation of the chorale section starts hesitantly, but quickly develops into a triumphant and grandiose finale, featuring both the woodwind and brass sections and ending on a high note (literally!).


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