Bassoon Solo – Consortium

I’m incredibly excited to be collaborating with Joe Swift on a consortium for a new piece for bassoon and piano!

Joe is commissioning six composers for his DMA recital next year, which he is calling ‘Room to Breathe’. The new compositions will be reflections on the craziness that this last year has brought, with moments of solace and contemplation on the year’s events. My piece will be more focused on depicting the craziness of the year than the meditative recollection and hindsight, but like the overall project, I’ll make sure to leave some room to breathe.

I’m honored to be one of the composers Joe is commissioning for this project and am looking forward to partnering with him and others on the piece!

Entry Form

Consortium Fee: $150 ($75 due up front, $75 due upon completion of the piece)
Anticipated Completion: August 31, 2021
Deadline to Join: June 15, 2021
Duration: 6-10 minutes
Difficulty: Graduate Level/Professional
Benefits to Consortium Members:

  • Names of consortium members included on the title page of the score
  • Exclusive performance and recording rights from Jan 1, 2022-Dec 31, 2022
  • Input on musical material and title of piece
  • Composer will travel to performances, if able

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions about the project!

Violent Shadows – Performances

I’m thrilled to share that my piece Violent Shadows will be performed by two of the greatest trombonists on the planet, Dr. Denson Paul Pollard (professor of trombone at Indiana University and trombonist in the Metropolitan Opera) and Brian Hecht (bass trombonist of the Atlanta Symphony)!!! Paul performed the piece last Monday night as part of a zoom recital of new music with his students at IU and Brian will be premiering a new arrangement of the piece with brass quintet accompaniment in the summer with the Lithuanian Symphony Brass Quintet! I’m absolutely honored, humbled, and frankly a little starstruck to be working with such phenomenal musicians!

Decatur Middle School Band Commission

A big squinty-eyed smile about my upcoming collaboration with Jessi Wallace and her band students at Decatur Middle School! I’m very excited and grateful to work with Jessi and her students on this new piece, the first middle school band piece I’ve written in over two years (wow, time really flies)


Shockwave – Premiere Recording

I’m excited to share the socially-distanced premiere of my reed quintet piece, Shockwave! Many thanks to the Civitasolis Quintet, not only for inspiring me to write the piece in the first place with their ‘Call for Miniatures’ project last year, but for their continued support and wonderful 2020-style performance of the piece. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work with you five!

More information about the piece available here.

Liquid Metal for Saxophone Trio

I had a blast writing this piece for Trio h3líos!!

It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that the musicians you’re writing for won’t just be able to play anything you throw at them, but will knock it out of the park. I’m so grateful to this incredible ensemble for asking me to write this piece for them and can’t wait to hear what they do with it!

Now to switch gears to writing a piece for middle school band, so I probably can’t get away with writing as many 13/16 measures. 😂